My Furry Friend

This post is about my furry friends and for those who love their furry friends. Though it could be any animal that we love- the dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, sheep, goats.... just about any animal. For the longest time, I have been in love with dogs and mostly Indie-dogs and Indie-hounds. As a child, we [...]

Decoding the Mother…

My mom is the best sleep time story narrator as she thinks of these stunning unique plots with such fascinating exciting twists and turns in the road. Right! and my mom is the best cook on the planet, she has, as of late figured out how to make Pretzels for me etc, we have all [...]

Lock-Down Diaries

A diary is by its very true nature is an intensely personal thing, its a place to record our most intimate thoughts and worries about the world around us. In other words it is a glimpse into at our state of our minds. The good old diary . And while so much has been written, [...]

My Girl Gang.

OK, so we all have friends and while they are a part of our childhood mischief's and fun filled school picnics or pranks, our set of friends keeps on expanding as we grow up and start out with college and then moving on to start with our first jobs, the transition keeps happening, that's a [...]

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

I would like to dedicate this blog to my mother and all the mothers across the world who keep working hard and non stop and still manage to hold the family together, keep smiling during the hard times, and are always there to lift you when you need a hand. There is no degree, no [...]

When was the last…

When was the last when you hit the dance floor, when was the last you took your own time to dress up, when was the last when you took a casual stroll in the garden, when was the last when you peacefully sipped on your hot cup of coffee, when was the last when you [...]

The Confused Mom.

This being my first post I seem to be the most confused Mom at this moment. The tag line as you all would have read it says "The New Age Avengers Assemble Mom". Well what more can one do during this Covid-lock-down moment but listen to some of the suggestions that your teenage child is [...]

Introducing Myself.

Hi there everyone!!! I would like to introduce myself as a mom who was earlier working and then moved on to becoming a complete house bound mom. This experience can be quite overwhelming at times because we give up our careers and sometimes move to another city, change houses and all of this with a [...]