Introducing Myself.

Hi there everyone!!!

I would like to introduce myself as a mom who was earlier working and then moved on to becoming a complete house bound mom.

This experience can be quite overwhelming at times because we give up our careers and sometimes move to another city, change houses and all of this with a smile fixed on your face. Though we mommies at times showcase the Zen lke calmness on our face, there are a millions of thoughts racing across our minds. And no one can sense this other than you yourself.

So this blog is a journey about the day to day life of a mommy, the challenges she faces, while managing the house, kids, husband and a whole lot of things!!!

Being a mom was never easy 🙂


4 thoughts on “Introducing Myself.

  1. Very very very well said dear Okmom.. kids really need to understand this. And sometimes even the elders.
    Thanks okmom for this beautiful blog. Will wait for your next blog pls.

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  2. Being mom always your support is important, at the same time you want to create future for children.


  3. Very well put Okmom. Kids need a good and a proper approach to be thought about the ups and downs in day to day life.


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