The Confused Mom.

This being my first post I seem to be the most confused Mom at this moment. The tag line as you all would have read it says “The New Age Avengers Assemble Mom”. Well what more can one do during this Covid-lock-down moment but listen to some of the suggestions that your teenage child is recommending. But I quite liked this tag line, it’s like Iron-Man asking his team to get ready, the only difference being that I am not wearing the suit.

I still remember when we went to watch ‘Avengers Infinity War’ all excited to watch our hero Iron Man along with the other avengers. However when the movie ended and we saw that the Avengers lost, my kids were filled with disappointment. For them Iron Man is someone who portrays – Strength, Courage and Conviction, his on screen avatar makes us believe that nothing is impossible for Iron Man, so the defeat was quite difficult for them to accept.

And while they were pondering over, how can the Avengers lose to Thanos, my mind was racing into different thoughts all together-Why was it so difficult for my kids to realize that Avengers lost? Why was the disappointment so evident as if it meant the world for them. What was it that made them feel so bad about the whole thing, well because I think everybody likes a winner. And it’s not just the fact that they’re winners. It’s the way they secure the win, the near-heroic feats that allows them to come out on top, It just made me think that am I inculcating the right habits to my kids, was I teaching them that its not good to lose or that life is all about winning???

I actually took that as an opportunity to make my kids understand that even the strongest of the person can sometimes lose and can be a complete failure and that it is completely OK to be like that at times. We cannot be winners all the time everywhere, because everyone else has a different level of skill sets, what mattered at that point of time was to make them understand the importance of the word “ACCEPT”.

Yeah, making them understand while trying to not to sound like a loser can be a monstrous mommy task, however, the sooner my child understands this the better he will be able to overcome the situation and learn to move on as he grows up. After all how long can you keep staring at the spilled milk?? Right!! For me as a Mommy it turned out an eventful evening were I ended up giving some so called life mantras to my son the Iron-Man way, without trying to sound too preachy because if he is idolizing someone its important for him to understand that even idols deal with failures and what matters is how graciously you accept this.

I would like to end this blog for today with a quote-

 “Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve ever done before.” Bonnie Blair

Do feel free to share your thoughts and comments below. Ciao.

3 thoughts on “The Confused Mom.

  1. It’s so well written shows the maturity of a creator,, in your case it’s a mother so beautifully explaining the child who is full of energy to be a winner, but it’s not a reality of today’s times one must be ready to face multiple times the fall before success. The secret is to keep going. Wow only a mother can teach this skill.

    Very very nicely written.

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