When was the last…

When was the last when you hit the dance floor, when was the last you took your own time to dress up, when was the last when you took a casual stroll in the garden, when was the last when you peacefully sipped on your hot cup of coffee, when was the last when you woke up late, when was the last when you didn’t feel like to cook??? So many of WHENS… We do come across this kind of situation a couple of times.

For me, I have completely lost track of a few things honestly. Back in the college days I remember I would take utmost care about my nail polish, my hair, my looks and all the things we as college kids would like to indulge in 🙂 But then as we gradually move on to the next phase of our life get married and then have our kids, the priorities change and there is something that changes in you as a person, I guess it happens with the most of us and the transition isn’t easy, I would thank god for the support of my parents that I received from time to time otherwise this transition can take a toll on you. Now coming to the point “WHEN“, I remember back then when my 5-year-old daughter pointed out looking at other mommies and questioning me “Mamma, Why are you not looking like that”, or something like “That aunty has such a beautiful hairstyle” and a whole lot of other comparisons. I think most of us have faced this crisis at least once in our life. Overcoming this comparison can be quite a daunting task. And at times honestly, these things have frustrated me to no end. And so, as usual, one day while I was taking my daughter to the park for her evening playtime, I was thinking about what she thought of her mom, I happened to look around me and particularly that day I took the effort of observing and noticing other mommies in the park and I saw so many other mommies of different shapes and sizes, who looked so charming and exuberant in their own way. Suddenly the pressure of being so perfect didn’t matter anymore. I didn’t feel so alone being there in the park. I was learning to be comfortable in my own skin, learning to accept some bodily changes, learning to have faith back in myself. Sometimes, as we scan through Facebook and Instagram and see these perfect pictures we need to remember that these are just pictures of a single moment. However, with every picture I take, there usually has been a crazy moment either before or shortly after — that is life 🙂 And yes kids also do compare us with other parents just as we do the same mistake doing the other way round! Well, that’s a topic I would like to cover some time later in another one of my blog pieces.

Let me share a small incident with all of you. These days as you all know that with this lockdown going on I suggested my kids to indulge in some drawings and while they were sitting at their little table coloring quietly together and having fun. I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped the photo. Smiling, I thought, what a great moment! You know it was not even 10 minutes later that my younger daughter colored on her brother’s paper which set her brother off into a whirlwind of anger and frustration. Such is life- you never know When and What will happen next.

That is reality — with little kids there are going to be fun, laughing, giggling moments… but there are also moments of screaming and frustration. There are no perfect people and there are no perfect parents. I too gave up on my habit of judging people too quickly because you never know their side of the story, because Perfection is a Myth.

I would like to end my blog for today with a quote:-

“When you are knee deep in messy homes, sibling fights, picky eaters, and sleepless nights, remember you are doing the most important work.” — Brittany Robertson

Do feel free to share your thoughts and comments below. Ciao.

7 thoughts on “When was the last…

  1. Story of everyones life
    Priorities take over every stage
    Nice to pen down the thoughts


  2. I feel in parenthood mothers have to give a lot. Most of their youth goes towards growing developing kids. Having said that it is nicely explained that one has to manage and live their dread too…. Priority matters!!


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