It’s That Time Of The Year!

Even as I start writing the December cold winds are biting through and you are ready to keep yourself warm. It reminds me of Percy Bysshe Shelley– “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?” This season brings out a lot of fun, other than the snow, the chill, it is also the month of fun, frolic and merriment as we get ready to celebrate Christmas and usher in the New year.

It’s the last month of the year and guess what? This last of something is absolutely refreshing! From the cosy winter to innumerable year-end celebrations, December has a lot to offer. Even if the rest of the year has been just okay, this month will be awesome simply because it’s December! With woollen sweatshirts, cosy blankets and hot beverages, this month is total bliss!

Time to jingle all the way especially because no one will judge you for putting on a Santa hat, moreover we can all relate to the happy Friday feeling at the end of every week. December feels exactly the same! You’ve worked your ass off all year long and it’s finally December. You have every reason to take that vacation you had been waiting for so long! And who can forget all those enticing festive offers, which mean only one thing, its time to go on a shopping spree! YAY! For those of us who love our cosy blankets and food, and are too lazy to exercise, this is the best month ever not to forget the real joy of having tea and espressos is during this time of the year! And if you are not a coffee lover but a rum lover then every rum lover can relate to the warmth this drink gives in December! And let’s not forget our family because who other than your family and friends can make this month of festivities better for you? Time to pay them a visit if you haven’t already! Not to mention the countless other theme parties, this month is an overdose of fun and parties!

The excitement is so palpable in this month because there is so much to look forward too! The celebratory vibes are in the air and one can feel the same because everywhere you go there are beautiful decorations, the streets are filled with people, all dressed up with Santa caps, the small Christmas decorations the festive displays, you come across in every nook and corner, it simply feels as if the air is just completely tuned in to the vibes of enjoyment and happiness. While some of enjoy getting a Christmas tree at home and decorating it, there are some who enjoy baking because its a season of sweets and savouries and baking those delicious cakes and cookies. And not to forget to mix up classic seasonal drinks, alcoholic or not—spiked hot apple cider, classic hot toddies, mulled wine, Mexican hot chocolate, eggnog, and spicy chai lattes. And don’t forget to dig in through those overstuffed closets for used coats, jackets, vests, and winter gear you can donate to someone in need. While it’s always a great idea to give used items away year-round, winter is an especially crucial time to help those in need. Toys are another fantastic thing to donate during the holidays. Think of all the trucks, stuffed animals, dolls, and sports equipment you and your family no longer use. The happy feeling will fill you up with joy.

All of us need to reflect on the things we did to move ahead in life and what better month than December to figure this out! So before the year comes to a close, take a second look at the goals, resolutions, or intentions you made last December (or January). Is there anything you didn’t quite get to? There’s still time to end the year feeling fulfilled and proud of yourself. While you’re at it, give yourself a pat on the back for everything you did achieve or stick to all year. Speaking of the resolutions, while you’re reflecting on this year’s goals, you can start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions before December 31 rolls around. Have you always wanted to start a new exercise routine, shoot for a big promotion, give meditation a try, or be better about keeping in touch with friends? Now’s the time to set intentions for the coming year so you can make it happen. The best part about December is that you’re only a few weeks away from a fresh start. You get a new day one to actually succeed with resolutions you haven’t ever be able to accomplish. The new year means you finally get to start over and be whatever you want to be… especially happy.

I would like to end my blog with a quote-

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” — Mother Theresa

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